Aloaha releases Elliptic Curves and SHA-256 support

Ibbenbueren, Germany, 17th December 2007 - Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH, an international developer of document security and smart card software, announced today the release of the latest versions of Aloaha PDF Signator and Aloaha PDF Suite - solutions which make it easy to create digitally signed PDF documents. The latest versions now support SHA-256 and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). 

The German Federal Office for Information Security suggested on the 13th September 2007 ( that from the 1st January 2008 the hashing algorithm SHA-1 cannot be considered as safe anymore. It was suggested to use instead the more secure SHA-256 hashing. Aloaha followed that advice and integrated SHA-256 immediately in its digital signature products such as the Aloaha PDF Suite, the Aloaha PDF Signature and the Aloaha Smart Card Connector. 

Qualified digital signatures are the digital equivalent to the handwritten signature and have in most EU countries the same legal status. In countries with strict signature laws such as Austria popular smart cards use the Elliptic Curve Algorithm instead of the widely used RSA public key method. 

Aloaha’s digital signature products Aloaha PDF Suite and Aloaha PDF Signator now support also Smart Cards with ECC Algorithm to calculate the digital signature of a PDF Document. For example the Austrian “Buergerkarte” (e-ID).

Aloaha PDF Suite

The Aloaha PDF Suite is the ideal tool to convert any document into a digitally signed PDF document. Converted documents can be delivered by SMTP, MAPI, WebDAV or FAX fully automatically thus making the PDF Suite the ideal solution for digital invoicing and billing solutions.
An evaluation version can be downloaded from 

Aloaha PDF Signator

The Aloaha PDF Signator is the entry level solution to digitally sign any existing PDF documents without the burden to install smart card drivers or any other third party software.
An evaluation version can be downloaded from

License keys which have been purchased during the past 12 month and license keys with a maintenance contract qualify for a free upgrade. Holder of such licenses can download the latest build from the Aloaha website and upgrade their installation.

Austrian Buergerkarte

Additional information regarding the Austrian e-ID can be found on


ECC and RSA are mature public-key algorithms that have been researched by the academic community for many years. The fundamental operation underlying RSA is modular exponentiation in integer rings and its security stems from the difficulty of factoring large integers. 

ECC operates on groups of points over elliptic curves and derives its security from the hardness of the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP). 

While sub-exponential algorithms can solve the integer factorization problem, only exponential algorithms are known for the ECDLP. This allows ECC to achieve the same level of security with smaller key sizes and higher computational efficiency 

ECC-160 provides comparable security to RSA-1024 and ECC-224 provides comparable security to RSA-2048. 

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