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Our products Aloaha PDF Suite / Aloaha PDF Editor are based on the Aloaha PDF SDK. This SDK contains some very easy to script interfaces. These Interfaces are allowed to be used by licensed user. Just as a short example how easy to use our API's are I will publish a sample script below. Please contact support if you need more details.

Aloaha PDF Suite / Aloaha PDF Editor is able to digitally sign your PDF documents Adobe.PPKMS compatible. Adobe.PPKMS signed documents can be verified and validated with the PDF Reader. You might need to validate/verify PDF Documents from your ASP page to allow only signed documents to be uploaded. Please find below a small vbs as a demonstration.

'This sample script demonstrates how to check if a PDF Document
'contains a valid Adobe.PPKMS signature
'Copyright 2005 Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH
'Redistribution without permission not allowed

On Error Resume Next
Dim pdf
Dim signer
Dim file
file = "c:\pdf\signed.pdf"

Set pdf = CreateObject("aloahapdf.edit")
    MsgBox pdf.is_pdf_signed(CStr(file))
Set pdf = nothing

This script can be downloaded here as vbs and here as txt file.

Below you find a short script to validate and verify Adobe.PPKMS signatures. 

'Aloaha PDF SDK
'Copyright 2006 Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH
'More APIs can be requested with an email to 

Dim pdf
Dim pdfpath

pdfpath = "c:\pdf\jo.pdf"
Set pdf = CreateObject("aloahapdf.edit")
     Call pdf.start_sproto(CStr(pdfpath))
Set pdf=nothing

You could also count the number of signatures with the code below:

MsgBox pdfsigned("c:\sample.pdf")

Function pdfsigned(filepath)
   On Error Resume Next
   Dim pdf
   Set pdf=CreateObject("aloahapdf.edit")
   Set pdf=nothing
End Function

Aloaha Digital Signature integration in 3rd products

If you need to add digital signature features to your existing applications please contact us. We would be pleased to help you to add such an  important feature to your application.

Digital Signature COM API

If you purchase a Aloaha PDF Suite Enterprise License you will be able to use the Digital Signature API programmatically via COM API. The Digital Signature API allows you to add Adobe.PPKMS Signatures to your existing PDF Documents. Please click here for a short code sample.

Please note: Royalty free Licenses for the Digital Signature API are available on request!

Multiple signed PDF (65,26 KB)
SDK Code Sample (min. Build 2.1.58 required)

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  • How do you install the license in to pdf sdk?
    dim pdf
    dim lic

    lic="23....." 'the license key
    set pdf = createobject("aloahapdf.edit")

    call pdf.license(cstr(lic))

    set pdf = nothing
    Answered 23.03.2011
  • i need to add digital signature features to our existing applications in 3rd products.
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    Normally we integrate with 3rd party tools in ways like
    1. using web service
    2. using java classes

    Please give me a solution

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    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I would like to know what would be the price for PDF SDK and would it be possible to buy form US in dollar currency?

    Thank you,
    David J

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