Automated interactive PDF Signature

The Aloaha PDF Signature APIs are ideal to create solutions to automate PDF Signatures (also called batch signatures). Such solutions are ideal to sign a large amount of documents.

In some cases it is required that the user reviews the document before it is being signed. In those cases the Aloaha PDF Signator is the best solution. With the Aloaha PDF Signature the user just draws a selection box while holding the left mouse button down. Once the user right clicks into that selection box the user can choose to sign. 

Since document and content management systems are becoming more and more popular it becomes important that signed PDFs are saved into a specified location. This can be done with the RemoteControl API. This API can be used to open the Aloaha PDF Signator with a specified document and at the same time define the save location for the signed PDF.

Sample Code

'Create SignatorObject
Dim Signator
Set Signator = CreateObject("pdfsaver.remotecontrol")

'Instruct Signature to load document.
'That can be a local or remote HTTP document of type PDF or XML
Call Signator.LoadDocument("")

'define savepath when signing document
Signator.savepath = "c:\myPDF.pdf"

msgbox "Please Click OK to unload"

'disable toolbar
Signator.ToolBarEnabled = false

'unload object
Set Signator = nothing

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  • Can I use "Automated interactive PDF Signature" from within a jBOSS server to sign generated PDF documents? We want to add a signing component to our document generator that still does not support signing documents.
    You could use our drop folder to sign your PDFs or our API. With the drop folder you just drop your files into specific folder and take the signed ones from another folder. You could also use our signature API to integrate Aloaha into your solution. The APIs are automation compatible COM Objects and can be used from various languages such as c , VBS, ASP, etc.
    Answered 22.09.2009
  • Your sample seems ti require the user to "sign" the PDF document... What I I fans to sing the document programmatically? Like on page 99 at position X and Y? Thanks.
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