Aloaha CSP APIs

The Aloaha Cryptographic Service Provider is a Multicard CSP to supply standard Windows Applications such as Outlook, Internet Explorer with the cryptographic functions of supported smart cards.

The Aloaha CSP can be accessed with the Microsoft CAPICOM or Crypto API.

For system integrators it might be sometimes usefull to use Aloahas native CSP APIs to gain additional control over the cryptographic functions OR to gain additional performance.


The Aloaha CSP and CSP APIs are included in all signature capable Aloaha Tools.

Aloaha PDF Suite:

Aloaha PDF Signator:

Aloaha PDF Saver:

Aloaha sign!:

To be able to use the Aloaha CSP API a valid license key is required. Please contact for an evaluation key!

Programming Model

All Aloaha APIs are implemented as automation compatible COM Objects to make sure that a broad range of programming languages is supported.

The objects can be used "in process" or "out of process (OOP)". The "in process" object is suggested to be used. In case the OOP object has to be used the programmer has to make sure himself that caches etc are flushed correctly.

In Process Object

Both object models use the same set of interfaces to make sure that it is easy for the programmer to switch between the objects. In the samples on this website the "in process" model will be used. 

The "in process" object name is AloahaCSPCore.provider. In VBS you would create the object with the following line of code: set ACSP = CreateObject("AloahaCSPCore.provider")

Out of Process Object

The "Out of Process" Model is suggested to be used in case PINs should be cached even if the object gets unloaded. This model is slightly more performant as well due to better caching mechanism.

As soon the OOP Object has been created a new system tray icon will be visible on the desktop.

The object name is: AloahaCertInstaller.provider
In VBS you would create the object with the following line of code: set ACSP = CreateObject("AloahaCertInstaller.provider")

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  • Have you got examples for visual basic 6 of your apis. I need something to include in my vb6 program which allows to read the crtificates in the card, ask for the pin and validate.
    We do have a smartcard API available which allows the user to read certificates from the card, ask for the PIN, etc.

    To be able to use this functionality you need to request an evaluation key from
    Answered 12.01.2009
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