Aloaha Smart Card SDK APIs

The Aloaha Smart Card API can be evaluated without any valid license key. Please note that every X Signatures are corrupted if used without a license key.

Please contact our support for a valid evaluation key!
Supported Cards can be seen here.

To be able to use/evaluate the Smart Card APIs you need to install the Aloaha PDF Suite, Aloaha PDF Saver OR Aloaha PDF Signator.

Digital Signature Sample (VBS)

Dim csp
Dim value
Dim pin
Dim dummy 

Set csp = CreateObject("aloahacsp.aloaha_csp")

          'value defines the string to be signed 
          value = "Hello World"

          'in pin you can specify the PIN of your smartcard
          'leaving PIN empty will cause Aloaha to display a PIN
          pin = "230800"

          'per default Aloaha delivers PKCS#1 signatures
          'in case a detached PKCS#7 signature is required
          'please uncomment the following line
          'csp.forcePKCS7 = true 

          'it is also possible to switch between
          'PKCS #7 attached and detached signatures
          'Aloaha default are detached signatures
          'to create PKCS#7 attached signatures please
          'uncomment the following line
          'attached = true

          'dummy will hold the signature itself
          'the first variable defines the card reader to be used
          'valid values are 0-9

          dummy = csp.simple_sign(1, CStr(value), CStr(pin))

          MsgBox CStr(Len(dummy)\2)+" Bytes:"+vbcrlf+dummy

          'show Certificate shows the certificate used to sign

Set csp = nothing

More APIs are available on request!

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