PIN Pad Notifier Plugin

With the Aloaha PIN Pad Plugin Interface it is possible to intercept Aloaha right before the PIN is asked via PIN Pad.

That can be very useful to log who is accessing the card or just to notify someone that a PIN Entry is required.

For example Aloaha is running in the data center to batch sign invoices. Now a fault, power cut or windows update forced the machine to reboot. Since a new Pin Entry is required the user can be informed via email that he has to go to the lab to enter the PIN.

The Aloaha Plugin Interface is pretty simple. Two functions are required.

The first function has to be called info and has to return a long value > 0. If that functions does not exist the plugin will not be loaded.

Once the plugin is loaded it calls before every PIn Pad Entry the function VerifyPinNotify with some process, smart card and reader information.

If you would write a plugin in VB you would just create the functions like this:

Public Function info() As Long
     'This function is essential. Without info>0 this plugin will not be loaded.
     On Error Resume Next
     info = 1
End Function

Public Function VerifyPinNotify(ByVal ProcessInformation As String) As Boolean
     'The Name of this function MUST BE VerifyPinNotify
     On Error Resume Next
     VerifyPinNotify = True
     MsgBox ProcessInformation, vbApplicationModal
End Function 

A sample plugin incl. source code can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Registering of Plugin

The plugin has to be an automation compatible COM Object and it has to be registered in Windows with regsvr32.

Once the plugin is registered in Windows it needs to be registered in Aloaha. To register it in Aloaha just create a key:

with value

Instead of AloahaPinDialog.Plugin you can use the name of you COM Interface. It is required that the name contains a dot! (6,39 KB)

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