XML Helper Functions

The Aloaha Cardconnector, sign! and also the Aloaha Signator include some very usefull XML API's.

One of the most requested helper functions is to c14n Canonize XML Files. The usage is pretty easy as usual.

The object to reference is aloahacsp.xml. Two functions cover canonizing:

Canonize(InputFilename, OutputFilename,OverWrite) canonizes Inputfilename and writes the result ot OutputFilename.


CanonizeString(InputXMLString) canonizes directly the given XML String and returns the canonized XML String.


dim xml
set xml = createobject("aloahacsp.xml")

     msgbox xml.canonize(cstr("c:\1.xml"),cstr("c:\out.xml"),true)

set xml = nothing

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, assistance or more APIs.

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