Aloaha User Settings Template

Sometimes it is very important that all Aloaha User start with the same settings to reduce administrative work. If changes to the configuration of Aloaha are lost as soon the User logs off there is 0 danger of missconfigured Aloahas.

The mechanism used by Aloaha is pretty simple. As one of the first actions during startup it looks for the existence of the keys:

These keys can contain a path to a registry file (*.reg). Once this path is set and the file exists Aloaha will import to the registry. The HKLM Hive is enough to keep all user on the same configuration level. 

To create a registry template just log on as User X, configure Aloaha and export HKCU\Software\Aloaha to a file. Edit this file to remove all entries which are not important or which should not be resetted during every startup.

Now just point HKLM\SOFTWARE\Aloaha\AutoRegistryImport to this file and everytime Aloaha starts up it will import your template to the registry.

The settings template feature is also explained in the document below:

Configure Aloaha as a Windows Service (171,38 KB)

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