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How to send a s/FAX over IP

Stefan Engelbert, an IT Specialist with over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, wrote a very interesting article on ExchangeInbox.com. ExchangeInbox.com is a leading portal for Exchange Developer.
In his article Stefan Engelbert discusses the importance of digitally signed PDF documents. Digital document communication such as s/FAX over IP is becoming the secure way of document exchange which unites the advantages of Letter, FAX and s/MIME. Read more on http://www.exchangeinbox.com/articles/002/sfax.htm or download as PDF.


Aloaha PDF Suite is also able to work unattended in the so called Server Mode. To install Aloaha PDF Suite in Server Mode please choose Service instead of Startup during installation. Once the setup finishes please start creator.exe from <program files>\wrocklage and disable the Service Interactive checkbox. Furthermore you need to configure the PATH and/or email settings.
Please read more on Aloaha FAX 2 Mail as PDF.

Retire your Printer!

Aloaha PDF Suite is a very powerful tool if you need to retire a printer. Consider the case that your major Network Printer is out of order. You do not want to go to every client in your comany to reconfigure their desktops to connect to another shared printer. Here you can use Aloaha PDF Suite. Install it in Server Mode and monitor the printer queue of that printer. Convert all printed documents into PDF and email them back to the user, archive them to disk or autoprint them to another printer. Please have a look at  HowTo Retire my Printer.

Uniform Electronic Transaction Act

A small slideshow explaining the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act and Federal e-Sign Act has been published as PDF on http://www.aloaha.com/cache/ueta.pdf

Aloaha PDF Suite together with Google Desktop is the unbeatable QA Management tool.

I am the QA Manager of a small testing department with 30 testing engineers. The Aloaha PDF Suite saved us of investing thousands of Dollars into a test case database. The PDF file format was designed for document management and workflow – exactly what is needed in a modern QA environment. We draft the test plans and cases in Microsoft Word and convert them with Aloaha into PDF. The automatic bookmark generation of Aloaha makes these PDF Test plans extremely easy to navigate and allow the testers to execute their tests in a very structured manner. Since Aloaha is probably the only PDF Suite which allows multiple digital signatures per document every test result can be signed by the tester. Even better is the “Sticky Note Feature” of Aloaha. The tool is that smart that it allows testers to comment the results without invalidating any existing digital signatures. One other great advantage of this solution is that the resulting PDF Documents are getting indexed by the Google Desktop so I have access to all results and information in a matter of seconds. – posted by Anonymous

Using Smartcards in Windows
Please download the article as Aloaha created PDF below:

Using Smartcards in Windows (92,71 KB)
Start with digital signatures in PDF

Start with digital signatures in PDF

The Aloaha PDF Suite Pro delivers all the functions of the Aloaha PDF Suite Light but you can digital sign your PDF Files. In many countries this is mandatory to send electronic invoices.
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