Digitally Sign your PDF Files
with the Aloaha PDF Suite

The PDF document format has become standard for electronic document distribution and exchange. Public Institutions and large multinational companies have rapidly benefited from the advantages of implementing paperless business models for the day to day document distribution.

Nowadays it is a legal requirement in most countries that electronic documents have to be signed digitally. Click here for the Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures. Residents of the United States of America might be more interested in the Uniform Transaction Act and Federal e-Sign Act. 

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that documents are stored tamper proof. The only possible solutions are to store the data digitally signed and time stamped before archiving. Just archiving the data to a database without signature or time stamp is no solution since every administrator could modify the data of the database!

Aloaha adds a new dimension to the use of the popular PDF document format by providing digital signature- and RFC 3161 time stamping functionality to PDF formatted documents. 

The digital signature provides the user community with a certifiable identity about the issuer of the document, and guarantees the integrity of the content providing trust in any transaction. 

RFC 3161 time stamped digital signatures provides the use with the legal evidence that a document existed at a point in time. This a crucial requirement if it has to be proven that a document was signed before a key has been compromised.

Aloaha digital signatures therefore confers to the PDF document, the same legal value as the traditional hand signed paper document. 

A digitally signed PDF document is now recognized by most legal systems. 

Aloaha has been designed for organizations needing high volume World Class Digital Signature Services based on Software Certificates, Smartcards or other existing PKI infrastructures.

  • You can digitally sign your PDF Files Signature Interchange Standard compatible and Adobe.PKKMS compatible. The digital signatures made with the Aloaha PDF Suite can be validated using the free Adobe Reader or the included Aloaha PDF Editor.
  • Any number of users can countersign the same PDF. Each signer's information is maintained separately and verified every time a PDF is opened. 
  • Aloaha provides a fully configurable appearance for its digital signatures including ability to show, company logo as watermarks, hand signature graphical image, reason for signing and location of signer.
  • The positioning of the signature appearance is also configurable, plus on which pages of the document it should appear. Furthermore Aloaha can even search for pre-defined blank signature fields and populate these. Alternatively invisible signatures are also supported.
  • Aloaha is completely PKI neutral and will work with PKI components from any vendor (this includes CAs, certificates, CRLs, OCSP responders, Time-stamping Authorities, smartcards, etc.). 
  • Signatures can be applied automatically while the PDF Document is being created. For existing PDF Document the Aloaha PDF Suite included a PDF Editor which can sign existing documents.
  • The Aloaha PDF Suite supports all PC/SC compatible Smartcard Readers.
  • Aloaha support Software Certificates, SmartCards via CSP and a broad range of Smartcards native (without CSP or PKCS module)
  • Aloaha contains a CustomSignerPlugin Interface which allows system integrator to connect Aloaha with their proprietary PKI infrastructure.


Sign your existing PDF Documents with the Aloaha PDF Saver!

The Aloaha PDF Saver is the ideal solution to fill and save PDF Forms or to digitally sign existing PDF Documents!.

Existing PDF Document can also be signed with the Aloaha PDF Editor which is part of the Aloaha PDF Suite.

NEW: Native Smartcard Support

Aloaha now supports the following SmartCards directly without any CSP installed:

T-Systems: TeleSec
Infineon: SiCrypt

These are the ideal Cards for Batch Signatures since CSP based PIN confirmation can be skipped with just one registry entry!

Start with digital signatures in PDF

Start with digital signatures in PDF

The Aloaha PDF Suite Pro delivers all the functions of the Aloaha PDF Suite Light but you can digital sign your PDF Files. In many countries this is mandatory to send electronic invoices.
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plus VAT
$ 116,28 plus VAT

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